Bookish Tour of Austin

I love visiting new places! When I go on an adventure to a new town or country I have to visit as many bookish sites or book stores as I possibly can! At the moment I’m in Austin so I’ve been trying to make an effort to visit as many book related locations as I can and I’m really enjoying the experience. Here’s a list of my top 5 bookish places to visit in Austin Texas!

  1. The Austin Public Library – I got to visit the Library today on a field trip and it was a great experience. I’m amazed at how big and accessible the library is! There were so many fun nooks and crannies to hide out and read in, they even had a rooftop garden and some outdoor areas where you can sit and read. I highly recommend checking out the library when you visit Austin!
  2. Book People – This is easily my favorite independent book store in Austin! They host a majority of the author events that happen in the area as well as the Book Festival that happens each year. I’ll be headed there next week since Ashley Poston will be in town and I can’t wait!
  3. Kunokuniya Book Store – I randomly decided to search bookstores in Austin and this is one I had never heard of before! This store specializes in manga and graphic novels but had a ton of stationary, fiction books, and books from many different genres. I really enjoyed visiting the store and recommend going if you are interested in graphic novels or manga.
  4. Half Price Books – I love half price books for a ton of reasons but I typically find one that I really prefer over the others in the city. Austin has three and my favorite is the on on North Lamar because it has the biggest selection.
  5. South Congress Books – I have to confess this is the only one on the list that I haven’t visited yet but I’m excited to go in the next few weeks. This is a used bookstore that features some rare and unique books. I’m curious about what it’s like and a friend suggested I check it out.