August Favorites

I didn’t do a lot of reading in August so I figured it might make a fun post to talk about some of my favorites from more general topics such as clothes, food, tv, and movies. I started a new job and that job required a lot of work in a short amount of time on my classroom to get it ready for the beginning of the school year.

TV and Movies

There are two shows that I got really excited about and into throughout the month of August. Veronica Mars and Rizzoli and Isles became such great shows for me to turn on in the background while I was working on various jobs for my classroom. I didn’t realize how much I was in need of an angsty mystery like Veronica Mars, but oh my goodness did it cure my need for angst. I’m still watching it so I haven’t gotten to the newest season just yet. (Please no spoilers!) I also started to rewatch Rizzoli and Isles which has become my turn on in the background while I’m grading worksheets tv show.

I rented and watched Rocketman and Hidden Figures last month and I loved both of them! The both had great stories, allowed interesting insight into important historical times and movements, and taught me things I didn’t know about people in our history. I highly recommend both if you haven’t seen them yet. I don’t go out to the movies that often because I don’t like going by myself, plus the captions are better when rented through itunes so it makes for a fun night in.


I’ve been getting back into fashion again, slowly but surely and I got some pieces that I’m really excited about. The first is a basic ponte pencil skirt from Ann Taylor. I love having a basic pencil skirt I can wear while teaching. I love this one because it’s super stretchy and comfy so that even when teaching first and second graders I look professional. I used to love dressing up and finding cute outfits but I stopped because of body image issues. I’m trying to not let those issues bother anymore and focus on the things I love.


This is a really random topic to add to my favorites list but i really enjoyed finding a new candle company in August. I have always been a big fan of Frostbeard Studios candles and wax melts, but this month I discovered Novelly Yours candle company. Both have their fall collections out and I highly recommend checking them out! Their candles are incredible! I bought the Break the Chains candle from Novelly Yours and I love that it has the scent of ozone. As for Frostbeard Studios, I’ve been buying their candles and wax melts for about a year now and I highly recommend the scents Le Cirque De Reves , Sherlock’s Study, and Reading in the Cafe. So far those three have been my favorites to burn. I have a couple from their fall collection as well that I can’t wait to test out.


I love to cook and This month I’ve been playing around with fun recipes. I don’t really date or go out all that often so cooking is my way of treating myself and feeling a little fancy and gourmet since that’s a rare occurrence for me. I’ve been having fun looking up recipes on Hello Fresh, shopping for the ingredients, and then making the recipes at home. The only time I regret my decision is when I look at the mountain of dishes that I have to wash afterwords.