Dear Santa . . . Top 5 Books I Would Like for Christmas

It’s Christmas!!! Which means presents right? I had a couple of options for how I wanted to approach this topic. My first idea was to approach it by listing all of the potential book premises I would love to have delivered to me on Christmas. We all have those ideal books that sound like they were made just for us. In the end I decided to allow myself to be a little guilty and materialistic by talking about all of the books that I dream of buying but won’t actually let myself buy for a number of reasons. Thank you to Shanah @ The Bionic Bookworm for the creation of this topic.

The Tenth Anniversary Leather Bound Edition of WarbreakerWarbreaker is one of my favorite books of all time and I love collecting different editions of it. I currently have Warbreaker in the American hardcover edition, the British paperback edition, and the French mass market paperback edition. I found out out about the leather bound edition a few weeks ago and I can only dream about buying it! As much as I love this book, $100 is a little much to pay for a book no matter how much you love it. Ironically one of the bookstores that is selling these editions is Murder by the Book, a local independent bookstore in Houston.

The Miniature Editions of the Throne of Glass series – Everytime I’m on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble, I’m so tempted to buy the collection. I have a weird obsession with minature books. I have the entire collected works of Shakespeare in miniature formats as well as many classics. There is something so neat about holding your favorite books in miniature form whenever you decide to pick it up. It’s one of those weird things that makes me so happy. I know a lot of people were complaining about how unnecessary it is to make this series in miniature but I think it’s so much fun!

The Illustrated Edition of Goblet of Fire – I got the first three illustrated editions of the Harry Potter series for Christmas last year and I would love to get the fourth book as well. Like most readers The Harry Potter series is what truly started my love of reading and reading the illustrated editions always brings me back to that child like state of mind seeing all of the characters I love come to life.

The Juniper Books edition of The Chronicles of Narnia – Despite my love for the series I don’t actually own any of the books which at some point I will need to remedy. I would absolutely love to solve that problem by buying this gorgeous collection of books from Juniper Books. I also need to re-read this series soon because it’s been too long!

The Penguin Cloth Bound Classics Editions – I wish I could tell you I have specific books in mind for this but I don’t because all the editions are so pretty! My favorites are The Picture of Dorian Grey and Northanger Abbey.

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