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I’m not sure why, but this blog post has been floating around in my head for a while. I’ve never been the kind of person who has been able to annotate or take notes on the books I read due to impatience. I prefer to see the full picture of a book or series when I’m reading rather than pick it apart as I go. That being said there will occasionally be quotes or passages that stick out to me in a book and I will find myself stopping to find a highlighter, pencil, or a sticky tab to mark the line in the book. I want to discuss some of those quotes that have stopped me in my tracks when reading and resonated deeply with me.

Before we continue, I do want to say that one of these quotes contains a curse word. If you don’t like reading curse words, don’t read that quote. I’ll mark it with an asterisk. I’m not personally bothered by cursing but I know some people are very sensitive about it. In this situation I think that the quote doesn’t have the same emphasis without the curse word so I’m leaving it in, please be an adult about it.

Even geniuses can be stupid when they’re scared.

– Mary Robinette Kowal – The Calculating Stars

I love this quote because it’s accurate. When people get scared they go into survival mode, our flight or fight responses kick in and we find ourselves doing things or saying things we wouldn’t normally do when we aren’t fighting for survival. Survival mode doesn’t always mean a life or death situation, it can mean times of high stress or anxiety. I know that I have to work really hard to not let my anxiety make my decisions for me. This is one of those quotes that is often in the back of my mind because I want to remind myself to not make decisions out of fear.

“You don’t have to believe in my miracles. You can call them accidents or coincidences, if you must. But don’t pity me for my faith. And don’t presume that you’re better, just because you believe something different.

– Brandon Sanderson – Warbreaker

Every time I see this quote on my phone I find myself wanting to pick this book up again. It’s a great comment on faith and treating others with respect. Faith and religion are unique experiences for all individuals. The understanding of faith varies from person to person which is what makes it important to show respect to those who experience it differently. Your faith is not defined by someone else’s acceptance of it. And having faith isn’t a weakness, it’s a different way of viewing the world and circumstances around the life we are all trying to figure out.

Power was an illusion of perception, as Jasnah had said. The first step to being in control was to see yourself as capable of being in control.

Brandon Sanderson – Oathbringer

Isn’t that always the first step? Learning to take ownership of your own power. This is something I’ve struggled with a lot in my life. I’ve always been independent, and I’ve always liked being in charge but over the last few years I’ve struggled to regain that authority over myself and my actions again. This year is my first year as a teacher in Deaf Education which was daunting but I’ve had to remind myself constantly that I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in if I wasn’t fully capable of handling everything that is being thrown at me. Deaf Education is not easy, and it never will be but that doesn’t mean that I’m not able to take on that challenge and face that difficulty each and every day. It doesn’t matter what field you work in you have to see yourself as capable before anyone else will see you that way.

**** The following quote contains cursing****

I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else’s muse.
I am not a muse.
I am the somebody.
End of fucking story.

Taylor Jenkins Reid – Daisy Jones and the Six

I’m sure some people will see the quote above as arrogance, and that’s probably true, but like the quote I posted from Oathbringer I think it’s about a woman realizing her full capability. I think it’s a woman who is deciding that she’s not going to let herself and her words be used by anyone else, who is not going to let herself be walked all over by people who think they know her story better than her. As a woman I have found that sometimes I have to talk a little louder and be a little more bold before someone will listen to what I have to say. We are not put on this earth to inspire others to greatness, we are put on this earth to live our own stories and do the good that we were meant to do. I hate the idea of being the muse to someone else because honestly, no one gets to tell my story but me. (There are so many amazing quotes in this book but this is the one I keep in the notes section on my phone so that’s the one I picked, please read this book. It’s awesome!)

I once lived in a place where the opinion of others mattered. It suffocated me, nearly broke me. So you’ll understand me, Feyre, when I say that I know what you feel, and I know what they tried to do to you, and that with enough courage, you can say to hell with a reputation. You do what you love, what you need.

Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Mist and Fury

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologized for it.

Sarah J Maas – A Court of Mist and Fury

These quotes pretty much speak for themselves and are reminiscent of everything I talked about above. Sometimes we have decide that we are capable before anyone else can look at us the same way. Mor is one of my absolute favorite Sarah J Maas characters, her confidence and strength are what I find myself reflecting on the most when I read the books because I have always admired the women who are able to walk into situations where everyone is against them and hold their own. I love watching Feyre learn from Mor throughout the series and the friendship that grows between them. Don’t get me wrong Mor is as messy as every other Sarah J Maas character out there but that is part of what makes her so three dimensional. The first quote that I posted for this section is something that Mor says about herself and the second is what Feyre observes when they walk into the court of nightmares together. I have a tendency to hold myself back around people and tone myself down to try to fit the mold I want them to see me in but I’m finally starting to learn to throw those molds away and be the person I want and need to be.

There are good days and hard days for me even now, don’t let the hard days win”

Sarah J Maas

If I could get this quote tattooed on my body I probably would. I have it posted all around my desk at work, my room, I even have a blanket with this quote on it. I remind myself of this quote daily because it such a good quote. The hard days don’t have to win, sometimes they are unavoidable, we all have them, but the inevitability of hard days doesn’t mean we have to let them control us. As I mentioned before I’m a first year teacher which has come with more hard days than I can count, but I have yet to let them stop me from doing what I love. Sometimes you find that the simplest quotes can mean the most because they get to the root of something you needed to hear better than anything else.

There was no way in hell she was going to move to the southern continent without all of her books.

Sarah J Maas – The Assassin’s Blade

There are so many Throne of Glass quotes I considered adding to this post but to be honest that would require another few days to write, and it would be as long and emotionally draining as a Sarah J Maas book. Throne of Glass is more difficult for me to define because Aelin is such a messy character. No one who looks at Aelin will think “Oh my goodness, she’s just perfect!” I remember when I was first reading the series being so viscerally angry at the character (throw the book to the other side of the couch angry) during Heir of Fire and I could never figure out why until I heard someone say that the characters who make you the angriest are the characters who might be the most similar to you. I’m currently re-reading the Throne of Glass series and I find myself in agreement, this isn’t the case for every character who makes me angry but in this situation I can see the similarities. When I was a kid I would get called bossy, know it all, or fiery so often that I started to tone down those parts of my personality, it was a negative that and I tried to hide those pieces of myself. I always enjoyed being the one to define the rules and make decisions but then I got told that I was making too many so I stopped. I’ve always been a little loud, argumentative, and passionate about the things I love but that’s simply because I care a little too much about the things I love. My mom used to say that I “have a heart for justice” and Aelin has one as well. The lesson that I’m still learning is that messy is not a synonym for bad. It takes Aelin a while to realize who she wants to be and accept herself which is one of the things that made me angry, until I realized I was going through the exact same thing. The reason I picked the quote above is because it just felt like something I would say and it felt like a good idea to end this on a positive and somewhat humorous note.

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