Most Anticipated Reads (for the rest of 2020)

So at the beginning of the year I only had three books on my most anticipated reads list but it’s increased quite a bit since then. (That’s the understatement of the year.) I figured that July might be a good time to post my updated list. I’m still eagerly awaiting The Relentless Moon by Mary […]

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Winter Wonderland Book Tag

Unfortunately I live in Texas so I don’t really get to experience a winter wonderland like everyone else, but, a girl can dream. Hopefully I will experience winter and snow again at some point in my life but I have no clue when that will actually be. What book is so happy and sweet that […]

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Books I’m Thankful For . . .

I’ve been in the worst reading slump as of late, part of it is because my job takes up so much of my energy and I haven’t really felt like reading when I get home. The other reason is that I’ve been struggling with connecting to the things I’m reading. Since I’ve been having so […]

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Fall Reading Recommendations

It’s Fall!!!! It’s officially Fall!!!! . . . . Kind of . . . It’s football season, which is really the only indication of Fall in South Texas. I’m not a football fan so I rely on the appearance of anything and everything pumpkin flavored that appears at any and all stores in the area. […]

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Mind Blowing Mysteries

I haven’t been reading a ton of mysteries lately and thrillers are my least favorite genre but every once in a while I stumble on one that I really love. I got this topic from The Bionic Bookworm for her Top 5 Tuesday posts. Please go check out her blog and a list of everyone […]

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