It’s been a while . . .

Hey, y’all . . . It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It has been an absolutely crazy couple of years! I started my first job as a classroom Deaf education teacher and got busy immediately. About a year into teaching I decided to get my master’s in Library Science, and now a year later I’m […]

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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Everyone has been doing this tag during the last month but I held off because I want to do it when it was actually mid year. I guess I like putting it up just after I’ve reached the midway point of the year. It’s been an interesting year hasn’t it? I swear my kids and […]

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June Wrap Up

My reading was all over the place this month, as was my life. The first two days in June were my last two days of my first year of teaching and it was rather overwhelming. It’s been a difficult year for obvious reasons and this month was all about reading books I knew I would […]

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July TBR

Okay, so I don’t really like doing TBRs because I have no ability to stick to them but I’m legitimately not sure what I want to read over the next month. I’m a mood reader so TBRs never quite work for me but I’m going to give it a try. I’ve created a handy little […]

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The Relentless Moon Review

I was so excited to receive a copy of this for review! The Lady Astronauts Series is one of my all time favorite series and I am excited that we got to explore and learn about what took place on the moon while Elma was on the Mars Mission. I want to preface this review […]

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Bookish Buzzwords

We all have those magic words that will get us to pick up a book when we hear or see those words mentioned in a synopsis. I have a few different bookish buzzwords that I wanted to talk about and discuss. I feel like learning what draws someone into a book helps you get to […]

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May Wrap Up

Hello Everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve written a wrap up post, I may update y’all on the rest of the books I’ve read this year since it’s been so terrible long since I’ve posted updates on what I’ve been reading here. It’s been a tough year, the pandemic has been insane, it was my […]

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